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is your facilitator — the person who presents you with the learning   (not just the material) that is to be absorbed, and good trainers will present it to you in the best way(s) possible  ...  in your preferred learning-style(s).

But a good trainer also has the personal experience that will bring the learning alive for you.

   Training facilitator

Steve Farrugia comes from a long and varied career; one that started at the lowest, ground-zero level and progressed as far as the Boardroom.

This way, over the years, very valuable experience was gained in all levels of business, and in different sectors — experience that could not be acquired except in a 'hands-on', practical way.

Early Years:   Without a higher academic take-off and from an early age, Steve had to work harder and learn smarter than most; discovering what was effective, looking for subtle  techniques that could be used successfully again and again, techniques that could not otherwise be learned,  except through solid experience.

But besides the need to learn the hidden magic, Steve also had an urge to transmit his proven tactics and strategies to his staff because a great leader is one who develops other leaders.

For Your Added Benefit:   Besides being a qualified trainer, Steve is also a   practising "Life Coach" and "Hypnotherapist", using the skills from both these disciplines in the Training Programmes.

When conducting training, Steve is sharing personal experience from many years in:

  • Cargo Logistics
  • Claim handling
  • Procurement
  • Real Estate sales
  • Customer Care and Complaint handling
  • Sales – of Services and Consumer Goods
  • Marketing Management
  • Negotiation
  • Team Building & Motivation
  • Staff Evaluation / Appraisals
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • General Management

Personal Philosophy:   Two equally important statements:   "Happy Employees perform better", and "Companies exist to make a Profit!"  

Companies cannot exist without their staff and employees cannot exist without their employers.   There must always be respect and dignity if we are to succeed long term.

There is no place for conflict in corporate dynamics, and yet there often is, and not only in internal matters, but even externally.

We can only have a 'win/win' situation when we understand our own needs as well as those of the other parties;  internal as well as external.  The parties include our customers, our suppliers, the authorities, trade unions, the press and even our competition.  Understanding is key, but the "will" to reach the optimal state is where we must start.

Gladiator Business Training & Coaching engages different trainers where specialist subjects are concerned.   Trainer Profiles are released with the relevant Programmes.

Specialist subjects include:   Legal Matters, Human Resources, Insurance, Health & Safety, etc.

If you wish to receive the Gladiator Business Training & Coaching introduction presentation, please email us here.

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